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    Default Point two hybrid question

    With the regular air vest over a vest if the vest I flares you are supposed to take the air vest off and continue the course??

    If the hybrid inflates, you can't continue the course b/c you have to take off the whole vest???

    Just curious. We have some new clients with these vests and I was just wondering what the rules are If they inflate.

    My friend had hit air inflate on her but she didn't come off the horse she kept going on course until they pulled her up and pulled the vest off and she continued!
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    I don't think there are any current rules written regarding air vests at all (thank gods). I do have a friend who fell and her air vest inflated and the way she described it, I'm not sure I'd be able to continue with it inflated. She said it hurt!
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    If it does inflate, it deflates pretty quickly. You'd have to have a pretty good "oops" to get it to inflate and still stay in the tack. The hybrid vest is all one piece so if you take it off you would be in violation of the vest rule. It would take some time to do that anyhow, with the pinney over top.

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    I have a point two hybrid and LOVE it!

    I don't know of any rules regarding the use of one while on course other than it must be worn over your required safety vest.

    I can't speak for the Hit Air brand, but I know that in order for my vest to go off, its going to take A) quite ALOT of force (it takes a little more than 80 lbs of pressure for the lantern to detach) and B) I've got to be WAY and I mean WWAAYYY out of the tack for it to reach the end of its elastic.

    In other words - for my vest to deploy I've done more than made a mistake at a fence by either getting too far up their neck or left behind a bit. I once came off course and went to get off with out unclipping my vest and I was on my tip toes but I was able to hug my horse and unclip with out it going off. Granted it was off my smaller resale project guy who is about 15.3 and not my prelim 17 hand guy, but you get the point.

    Unless she had it done up too tight, I have not yet seen a vest go off when the rider actually stayed on the horse. And I can't picture mine vest going off with out me NEEDING it to go off.
    I was concerned about just such a thing happening when I talked to the Point Two rep. She showed me how much it took for the vest to deploy, and I have never had the feeling since that I would have it 'accidentally' go off.

    But like I said, I can't speak as to how your friend had theirs attached (maybe too tight?) or how much force it takes for the Hit Air, but I would not be worried in my hybrid.

    I know there is alot of discuss back and forth on the whole air vest subject, but I like having an extra layer of safety there.

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