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    Mar. 6, 2006


    I've been riding for 16 years. I average a fall every 2 years, but I came off my green pony twice last year.

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    Feb. 14, 2013


    Going to a show this weekend so I'm keeping my mouth shut about my falls! No need to tempt fate.

    From what I've seen at my barn though, we average out to about two falls a month, but they ALWAYS come in threes. If one rider falls in a week, two more will pop off too!

    ETA: we're a pretty big lesson barn so two a month is actually a pretty small percentage - generally the falls are of the slide-off-and-land-on-your-feet/butt variety so it's not a question of overfacing or naughty ponies (usually!).

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    Jan. 27, 2003


    I sort of feel I won't jinx myself as I'm not riding again until next weekend (), but I average 1 or 2 a year...except that I havent' fallen off for quite some time....almost 3 years?

    I came off my horse twice in short succession when he was new to time landing on my feet when he spooked at an electrical breaker box "popping" as we walked by on loose reins. The other was when he spooked at the liverpool as we trotted by...guess I got his hunter self too close.

    My old horse? I tended to fall off once a year or so. Had him 8 years and came off 7 times.

    I am currently riding one that I have a feeling I will come off of soon. He's learnin lead changes and is none too happy about it. They are often accompanied by a twisty buck/crow-hop/kick manuever.

    I find that the ones that are athletic enough to move their bodies in different ways at the same time are the death of me. Ones like my current horse who do most things in a straight fashion are not so bad.
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    May. 22, 2010
    Central Texas


    I no longer keep a running count of the times I've come off but I think it's somewhere around 7 times in 10 years of riding. The last time I fell--about four weeks ago now--I broke my right wrist. Oops. That's the first time I have gotten injured in a fall. Fun times! Haha

    ETA: actually, it may be 8 or 9 times. Not totally sure..
    Last edited by Jonesbug; Mar. 18, 2013 at 02:03 AM. Reason: Remembered another fall!
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    Jul. 10, 2008


    I've fallen off more times than I can even count since I started riding 16 years ago!

    But recently I take a spill 2 or 3 times a year, mostly when I do something stupid. It's not often that a spook or buck gets me, but I have a terrible habit of stopping all mental function when I don't see a distance, throwing my upper body at my pony, and hoping he'll pack me over the jump. He generally has no patience for that kind of nonsense and deposits me on top of the jump. I deserve it.
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    Jan. 8, 2013


    Hmm... In 18 years of riding, I've probably fallen off 5-10 times. I can remember 5 and there may be a couple more. I've ridden several greenies including starting 6 myself. Most memorable falls were the first time (at a western barn riding in the arena which was border by stalls and the saddle just kind of rolled around the horse towards the stalls and I was desperately grabbing at stall door grates trying to stay on.) and then there was the first time I took one of the horses I started to a schooling show. We were boarding at a friend's private barn so there was only one other horse in the ring max and she usually turned to go whatever direction we were going. In the warmup ring at the first show another horse/rider came at us head on (plenty of room for both of us, just passing) and my greenie whirled and took off bucking (sort of). I started laughing because the whole situation just struck me as funny and for such a big guy he had really small bucks (instead of bringing the horse back to a walk) and suddenly he got his bucking rhythm and got me off. That was by far the stupidest fall in my riding career. Of course the lesson is to make sure your greenies are use to oncoming traffic prior to taking them to shows!

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    Aug. 4, 2010
    Bozeman, MT


    I'm not a pro...but I can say that when I was a kid I fell a lot (generally in the winter when I rode my horse bareback in the snow - not something I do now)...Now, knock on wood, I have fallen/been tossed once since I graduated from high school - over ten years ago. I guess I'm due for a spill!

    But I think I see at least one person take a dive per horse show.

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    Jan. 21, 2013


    Based on a casual calculation of people riding at my barn, I think the average person probably falls off around twice a year.

    Most of the falls I've seen have been fluke things - horses spooking, a horse tripping, a horse taking a long (but sincere) look at a jump while his rider jumped ahead, that kind of thing.

    My barn is competitive on the AA circuit, for reference.

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    Oct. 23, 2004
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL


    I took my first spill in over 25+ years last September!!!
    Aefvue Farm Ft.Lauderdale

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