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    Apr. 27, 2008

    Default Has anyone tried any of those mosquito repelling devices?

    Like one of these?

    I want something I can wear on my body while I'm riding or working around the barn.

    They all seem to get mixed reviews. Apparently they work great in some situations and not at all for other people -- which makes little sense to me.

    Some of them burn -- that is, they have to be lit. Obviously that's not going to work for wearing on your body around a barn.

    I wondered if any of you had tried any of them.
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    Jul. 22, 2012


    My understanding of these is that they only work when you've been stationary for something like 5+ minutes. A few friends have tried them and found that they work well when they're outside reading a book, but are unsuitable for any activities that have you out and about. I haven't purchased one to try around the barn for that reason. I just stick to the Off! spray.

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    Mar. 11, 2007


    We have a thermacell and it works AWESOME! We have used it while we were going down the trail and it did work there too-we had it tied on behind the saddle of the first horse and nobody else in the string of six/seven horses had any problems with mosquitoes at all. DH was the one riding the first horse and he thought that it helped too. We camp and ride in the mountains all summer along with fishing and all that other outdoor stuff and we don't go anywhere without the thermacell.

    Ours has an off/on switch and gets warm inside but it's not "lit" by any means, you could stuff it in a bale of straw and nothing would burn.

    We use ours all the time and we've also used the little clip-ons and they worked very well too.

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    Jan. 16, 2002
    West Coast of Michigan


    They work OK *IF* you are perfectly still and let a nice little "cloud" of the stuff collect around you. If you're moving or if there's a breeze, they are not very helpful.
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