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    Quote Originally Posted by mbm View Post
    i really don't want to wade into this mess - but for those of you that are posting "facts" with such force and vigor - where are you getting said "facts" ? to me it is all hearsay until there is a contract that shows what each party agreed to.

    Have contracts been made public?
    I really thought that was made clear. FACT that a poster who was standing next to Paul Morgan said Paul told him they did not own Redwine. FACT that Darlene keeps saying they DO own Redwine.

    So of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, BUT, if they are considering breeding to Redwine they SHOULD be aware that the monies paid may possibly be going to JB.

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    Wanted to add that I spoke to a friend a few weeks ago who ran across somebody who wasn't aware of everything that has been going on with JB and her horses. He contacted her through her website, which still advertises her stallions. Apparently she was very communicative with him about a breeding to Redwine. He paid the stud fee only to find her all of a sudden disappear and become unreachable. So she is still collecting money from people and disappearing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Galileo1998 View Post
    CLRC is a Canadian Database, the information is entered by Canadians, who would naturally have put Grey as that is the spelling we use here. Point is, he's not listed as being owned by Paul Morgan or Ashland.
    That site is not updated at times. He would have been entered before the change of hands. And it is possible that they did not request a change.

    One would assume when the question is raised that the answer given could be relied upon as the truth. This Hodge podge of yes no maybe so is the same kind of evasive behavior his potentially former owner was famous for
    Kind of my point. The "owners" are not directly giving hodge podge answers as much as people quoting heresy. I mean I could just as easily say Eric Lamaze bought him, because I heard from some man that was standing right there and who heard the whole conversation....
    Now it could be true or not. So again I say, let people that are actually going to breed ask for themselves. Question raised - public service done.
    There has already been one potential buyer thrown under the bus with all the crap that surrounds the topic. Until someone produces a cheque from the current farm to Jill regarding stud fees, everything else is speculation. Even if she does still have some ownership (which I don't know) doesn't mean she is getting money from it or that the only way she would sell is for 250k because someone heard her say that once.

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