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    Default Has any one used Cimarron? (Pasture herbicide)

    I have a problem with creeping (poisonous) buttercup, and bull thistle in my pasture. It's not a large pasture (only about an acre) and is only used for late spring and summer grazing and not for hay.

    My local conservation district recommended Cimarron Plus, because I could put my horses on it the next day safely.

    Even though I WOULDN'T do that, I do like the concept, of an herbicide created with "pasture that will be eaten" in mind.

    Has any one used any of the Cimarron varieties and what were your results?

    I would love to spray something now, while the weed shoots are still young and fresh and before the grasses really start growing in April.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Nov. 23, 2009
    Lyman, ME


    I would call your County Extension Office and ask for advice. I would think that judicious and timely finish mowing of your paddock would also hurt the buttercup and thistle, but you don't say where you are located.

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    Sep. 24, 2004
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    I've used "Ally" (same active ingre.) I tank mix it with 2,4-D per the Dupont label. Works great on broadleaf weeds. But, Buttercup is a sign that your pasture needs lime / fertilizer as buttercups out compete grass in poor soils. In good soil the opposite is true.

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    Sep. 24, 2004
    Triad, North Carolina


    Addendum: I also used a surfactant in the mix as recommended. Spraying is not just spritzing the pastures. Do it properly otherwise you're just throwing money and poison on the ground. And be sure your neighbors don't have their prized flowers downwind to the pasture!

    Here's link to the label ...

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    We've used both Cimarron and Cimarron plus. Both work very well. We did wait longer than one day to put the horses back on the pasture.
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    I have used, and recommend Cimarron or Ally or Pasture Pro or whatever. It's broad spectrum and persistent enough in the soil to get some of the more difficult to kill perennials. I especially like it at higher rates to kill off high sugar plants like clover, dandelion and plantain. It also knocks down ryegrass at high rates, and I really hate ryegrass in horse pastures due to its high sugar content.
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