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    Default Need help reducing the appearance of old scar tissue

    First off, I am new to the chronofhorse forums so hello all!

    I have a 10 year old gelding out of Wap Spot that has a cosmetic injury on his coronet band above his right front hoof. It is an older injury and he has been completely checked out and OKed by a couple of vets for showing (there were no ligaments or tendons involved). However he still has quite a large, ugly hairless scar that I would like to get looking a bit better before I take him to a show. Is there anything that could help me with this? I know getting the size of it to go down is probably out of the question, but could I at least encourage some hair to grow back? Would putting MTG on it daily help, or some other topical ointment? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!


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    I've always used Vit. E capsules, human type, pricked and spread on scar daily. Also build up condition of skin and hair using ground flax seed- 1 cup per day. Then wait and hope.

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    Unfourtunatly, when the tissue that produces the hair is gone, no hair will ever grow back no matter what you do (except full thickness skin graphs). Use shoe polish on the skin of the scar to best match the hair color.

    You may be able to reduce the size of the scar tissue (not the size of the skin scar, but the bulging tissue underneath. This depends on age and type of the scar tissue. Shockwave is probably your best bet for breaking up scar tissue. A thorough evaluation by a good vet (probably a boarded surgeon) which will require radiographs to look for calcification would be a good starting point.

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