I'm looking for the people who used to run an Arabian breeding program out of Pennbrook Stables in P.A. which is right next door to the New Bolton Center. I believe the woman's name was Jeannie (Jeanne?) and her husband's name was John but I can't remember their last name.

I don't need contact information, just wondering what became of them and their horses. They wound up with two of my childhood horses and bred both to their stallions. I'd be curious to see photos of the offspring, but can't remember the stallion's name either. I don't even remember the mare's registered name (this was 20 years ago and I was just a kid)

Mare's barn names were Nikki (fleabitten gray Egyptian Arab) and Ora (gray Polish Arab) The one foal I did meet was a colt by Nikki who we called Polo.

Posting as alter since the situation leading to them keeping my two ponies was not so pleasant. Don't want to stir up very old drama, I just want to see what ever happened to my ponies and their offspring. Hoping they had a good life.