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    Default Synchronized Cycles in Mares?

    OK, maybe this is an ignorant question, but I'll ask it anyway--

    Do mares tend to come into heat at the same time if they're in the same turnout group, or stabled together?

    Just wondering ... seems like one barn where the mares and geldings were not turned out together the mares in one pasture all were in season at the same time, but I don't remember for sure, and where my friends have their horses now they go out in mixed turnout. One friend is bringing her young mare to such a barn this spring.

    So I come to COTH--always get good answers here.
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    Mine are not. They go into heat one after another - someone is always in heat. I have 3 mares and one gelding pony that doesn't know what's going on most of the time. Some days the mares are his friend, other days not so much. Poor guy!

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    That's a pretty personal question to ask of horses!
    But no, we've never seen synchronized cycles in mares.
    It has happened with women who work together or are friends, we hear from our owner.

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