So I sent the last saddle that didn't fit my pony back (semi quarter bars too narrow). Now here I am with a different saddle. Lower end no brand saddle but it's for my young kids (2, 4, 6) all which fit it. It seems made better than the fancy looking Double T saddle that I had before and it's not stiff. It's also used so that does make a difference.

Without pad it seems almost too wide sitting pretty low on pony..with pad it looks okay (I think?).

Dirty Pony and saddle

Saddle front up close

The problem seems to be the back of the saddle. I don't have it cinched down because it needs a off billet (?) but it pops up a bit.
So does that mean it's too small ? (sigh)

Rear view

It fits the same way on my 15hand horse. Fits in the front but pops up a bit more than it does for the pony in the back.