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    Default Industry standard count for frozen PONY semen?

    Not knowing much about pony frozen semen, and needing to freeze some collections, wondering if the amount considered "standard" is the same, or less? ( trying to figure out dose count) I am thinking less, since the ejaculate is smaller, but...? Anyone have experience with this? TIA.

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    Hi imajacres,

    Avalon Equine in Oklahoma offers frozen on Belefonte d'Avalon. You might want to check with them. Fox Creek Farm in Kansas stands several pony stallions, but I am not sure if they offer frozen or not.

    I know that Spectrum Horse Service in Michigan(the place that stands my stallion) has collected many stallions for frozen, but I am not sure how many were pony stallions. Her e-mail is and name is Donna Mulinski. She is very knowledgeable and always happy to answer questions.

    She froze some semen on my Haflinger stallion who is @14.3hh, and I think she said his post-thaw motility was around 50% and that that was very good (near the top of what she usually got whether it be horse or pony). But, others elsewhere may have had better luck with higher motility.
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    I wouldn't think it would be any different that horse semen. I've also heard that the ejaculate is comparable.
    Randee Beckman ~Otteridge Farm, LLC ( Marketing Manager - The Clothes Horse & Jennifer Oliver Equine Insurance Specialist

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    It's exactly the same.

    Don't count on quantities or counts being different, either, FYI.
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    I'm freezing my pony stallion Golden State now. The ejaculate volume and motility is the same as the big horses.
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    Even on miniatures I have frozen the same everything Home of stallions that actually produced champion hunter, jumper and dressage offspring and now also champion eventers

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    Quote Originally Posted by rideagoldenpony View Post
    It's exactly the same.

    Don't count on quantities or counts being different, either, FYI.
    Yep, industry standard is exactly the same. Mares gets pregnant the exact same way with every stallion, so no reason you would have, or want, a smaller number in pony frozen semen. In my opinion, their testicle size isn't that much smaller than larger breeds....not enough to make that much of a difference.

    We have frozen semen on all four of our boys, and now working on freezing on our own and we use the same procedures and standards as if we were freezing warmbloods. With all of the courses I've taken over the years, I've never heard any of the instructors mention my pony stallions give a smaller ejaculate, as compared to larger stallions. We often have more than enough semen out of one single ejaculate to send to 15, 20 or more mares.
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    Same as for horses - why would you think it would be different?
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    ise- I thought it might be different because the volume is different, at least in the pony stallions I have known ( but never froze) vs the MANY horse stallions we froze. There is no way a (for ex) 11'1h guy produces the same amount as a WB stallion.
    Thanks for the info, the vet doing the freezing has never done a pony before so it is a good question I think.
    They are talking 3-5 straws a dose, which is very different to how Dr Jou did it- at 1 x .5ml straw= dose. VERY concentrated.

    Edgar, good to know abut the mini-thing thank you.

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