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    Default Wheels

    I've got a little wannabe Meadowbrook EE with wooden wheels and a little buckboard wagon thing with bike tires. One of the wagon wheels is always flat and I need to get one of those solid tubes in a 24 inch size.

    I can find 20 inch and 26 inch for $20 and then the 24 inch size is $50. Why? And is there a best place to look?

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    Be aware that while pneumatic/spoke cart/wagon wheels *look* like bicycle wheels, they are not the same. A bicycle wheel is designed the weight to be directly above, whereas a cart wheel needs to allow for side-load of weight, as the cart weight is on the axle, which puts angled force from the side of the wheel. Be certain that the wheels you buy are specifically designed for carts or wagons. They generally have a much wider hub and heavy duty pokes set at a wide angle from rim to hub, and they typically cost much more than $20.
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    Default R.E. Fennells ~ Lexington. Ky.

    R.F. Fennells ``` Lexington,Ky. ``` they will be able to help you ~ Google as I am an idiot about links ( sorry) .

    Call and talk to them and then they will send it out quickly `` they have ALL wheels, tires ....

    Good Luck ``` I know how frustraing it is to find the correct item but Fennells will help ~
    Zu Zu Bailey " IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE ! "

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