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    Sep. 15, 2006
    North of the Frozen Tundra, but I can see it from my house.

    Default Retrofitting a pole barn for snow melt flooding... possible?

    I have a pole barn which handles rain well, but not snow. The snow comes off the roof and piles up along the walls. Then, as it melts, the water comes into the barn under the walls. Short of being home each time it snows to shovel it away, has anyone found a solution for this? I don't think a french drain will work with the snow piling up on top of it. I was thinking of digging a trench and pouring a foundation in the spring. Talk about putting the proverbial horse before the cart...

    Any other suggestions?

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    Sadly I had a similar problem -- and I shoveled... Mine was on a hill, so all the run off coming down the hill would run under the up-slope side. About a foot or two from the up-slope and 2 side walls I dug a trench which caught most of the melt and directed it away. But I still had to shovel away the snow that fell from the roof if we had a major amount of snow. A foundation wall with a footing drain should work, though. Good luck!
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    What size barn are you talking about?

    Could you add a sizable overhang to that barn, in a way snow doesn't blow under there in large amounts, so it would protect most of the walls?

    Depending on your layout, that may even work as a loafing area for your horses.

    As for water coming from above, divert with ditches or berms.

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    Sep. 15, 2006
    North of the Frozen Tundra, but I can see it from my house.


    MY barn was at the top of the rise, until horse traffic stomped it down to below the snow line. It is about 36x36 and open to the south as a lean to for the horses. Not too much to shovel, if I were home all the time. I really want to retrofit it so maybe not as much shoveling is necessary.

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