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    Lightbulb Embroidered/ monogrammed quarter sheet ideas

    I have purchased a few items that I would like to get embroidered. I am trying to find different ideas and samples for quarter sheets, coolers, and jackets. I am having trouble trying to find anything. I went to an embroidery store but was having a hard time being creative and they are not horse people so they weren't muh help.

    Would like to do something more than just the horse's name or rider's initials. Like adding a image below or above or putting the names inside an image.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    You have come to the right place.

    Picking a great monogram is an exercise in 18th century stuff. It's whack in this century, so if you are going to do it, do it right.

    Monograms were invented to identify your linen that you might send out to a public laundry or bring with you if you were being a house guest. That means, my friend, that you pick one design and use it on everything, forever. To me, that means putting my monogram on stuff and lending it to the current horse.

    But ladies in those past centuries did a helluva job with creating great monograms. Dover and Smartpak Have.No.Idea-- none compared to How.It.Was.Done.

    Google around and get ideas. You can mix and match artwork and letters, make the letters of, say, branches or vines.

    Then if you can, find a mom (-n-pop) type business with the software. Pay the guru for an hour or so if her/his time, bring your initials, look at fonts and start arranging stuff until you arrive at a pleasing design or two.

    You might want a design that has more than one color, or one you can outline. To me, more than 2 colors gets busy and expensive and hard to match with all parts of horse clothing.

    Also, beware designs that have wide bits. The best-looking embroidery stitch for that will be the "satin stitch" that is smooth with threads going across the whole distance. But in a large design as in one you'd put on the side of horse's blanket, that leaves a lot of thread to get snagged. It's impractical and the embroiderer's solution (many shorter stitches to cover that space) doesn't look as nice.

    You want a design that you can scale up or down-- the largest might be on a tack trunk cover or blanket and the smallest might be on a cuff or collar of your shirt.

    Another great benefit of designing with the mom-n-pop place is that their prices are usually cheaper. They keep your design on file. You should talk to them about who owns the design and be willing to give it to you on a flash drive if you paid them initially for their time while you set it up. Embroiderers can also digitize designs and then creating patterns from images in hardcopy or e-copy.
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    Another vote for the local embroidery shop. Look at lots of things, draw things on paper. Do you have any idea what kind of image you'd like?

    Here's my favorite saddle pad monogram, done by the local embroidery shop. (My horse is Irish, hence the motif.) Lighting is weird, but you can still see the image.
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