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    Default Night Time Tornado Watch

    What the heck good are they? We're under one until 3 am. It's dark as a pocket and no one could see a twister if one came.
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    We invested in a weather alert radio. Wakes you up if there is a tornado in the area..I forget whether for a watch or warning. Thankfully we have never had it go off in the middle of the night!

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    It sure does make you want to live underground!
    Thus do we growl that our big toes have, at this moment, been thrown up from below!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LexInVA View Post
    It sure does make you want to live underground!
    Hobbit house, fo sho!

    Reminds me (we are further East...) I probably need to find my weather alert radio (we got one free, yeah government owned chemicals!!)

    Stay save, people!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vineyridge View Post
    What the heck good are they? We're under one until 3 am. It's dark as a pocket and no one could see a twister if one came.
    Good luck! The longest night I ever spent was in a storm cellar in Missouri.

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    Verizon Wireless is wonderful about giving weather alerts. Although the Amber Alerts from far away can be annoying in the middle of the night. But better to know, just in case someone drives from those states to yours.

    So get Verizon wireless. It really is great, despite the cost. It "goes off" well before the local weather warning alerts from the firehouse sirens.

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    Just a clarification. Verizon wireless isn't the only one pushing out weather warnings. All cell phone carriers push them out. As long as your cell phone has a GPS locator (which means pretty much all phones now), you should get the warnings.

    Should be an interesting day, weather wise. Stay safe!

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    Here ya go:

    We've had one of these for years. They can be programmed to respond only to watches/warning affecting your immediate area.

    It depends on the local NOAA station, but in our area the information is very specific regarding severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. Using Doppler radar, they forecast the time of impact for each town/community down to the minute.
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    The local weather reporters here have special appearances at drug stores and such, and help program the weather alert radios. It's a great service, and that way you get the right warnings.
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