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    Default LMF SS G = Hot? (feed thread)

    Doing a search, I saw someone mention that they believed LMF feeds made horses in their barn hot (said they decided LMF meant "Light My Fire"). Has anyone else had that experience?

    I have a coming 6yo Appendix QH gelding that started getting LMF Super Supplement G late last summer. He usually has 24/7 turnout with grass that varies seasonally in quantity and quality and all the orchardgrass hay he wants (baled off our property, tested and last year's crop is low in protein, basically a palatable filler). He was in full work through the summer, and I did notice that he seemed more full of himself into the Fall, but didn't think a whole lot about it. After a lay off of a couple of months in the winter due to a respiratory infection (his), followed by family issues (mine) he was very hot, forward, claustrophobic in the woods and quite unlike how he had been after previous vacations from riding. He did have a nice bloom on him, which I liked, as he has a tendency to look tough when he's fit-- rangey, hard muscled, more like a distance horse. I got about 3 weeks of riding in and his obedience level was improving, but he was still definitely a handful and was trying new and naughty behaviors. Generally, this horse has a great work ethic, is sensitive, and does not like to be in trouble at all. It was like he was just way too full of himself.

    He's now on stall rest due to a stifle injury. He became dangerous to hand walk after a few days, so we started using sedatives. After a few more weeks, we had to up the sedatives, as he started blowing up again, even on 2cc of Ace. The vet had me take him off of all grain products, which got me to thinking about his feed. I assumed that the bloom was definitely a good thing and that his hotness was a combination of being fresh and being stronger/more physically mature (his QH lines are slow maturing, and usually stop getting taller and fill out in their 6/7 year old year) and I just needed to cowgirl up and ride through it. Now, I wonder if perhaps the corn base and molasses in the SS G don't work well for him.

    His previous concentrate was some alfalfa pellets with a locally milled vit/mineral supplement, flax seeds and some safflower oil. He had a shiny coat and looked healthy, but just had that tough, fit look and lacked subcutaneous fat when he was in work. I had a horse with a rice allergy, so couldn't feed any of the complete/milled feeds. When that horse went out on a lease, I switched this horse to the LMF SS for convenience and because I thought it was a good, complete product. Perhaps, though, it is not the product for him.

    Anyone else have less than desirable results with the SS G formula? Any input on changes to his feed going forward? I think we'll go back to the alfalfa pellets/vit/mineral/flax route when he's off of stall rest (hopefully, in another week).

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    I have seen LMF SS make a horse hot - but not commonly. Many horses that do fine on it. I suspect for the few that react have an issue with one of the ingredients in it.

    Also - 2cc of Ace is hardly anything. If I'm hand walking a rehab, I usually start with 4 or 5 cc and see how they are with that. Check with your vet, but I would try upping the Ace and seeing if that helps.

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    Thank you for the reply. It seems that perhaps there's something in it that makes him feel a bit too good. It did put a lovely bloom on him!

    My vet recommended the 2ccs, and after that stopped making him quiet, he recommended increasing it to 2.5, or 3, but no more than 3. I'm headed to the vet today for his last prp injection and we're going to talk about perhaps using a long acting sedative.

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