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    Default Splint? or not... thoughts???

    My horse has a bump a few inches below his front left knee. I've been googling pictures of splints and the bumps all appear to be the side of the leg but his is on the front not off to the side. Is it possible this is a splint or could it be something else?

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    Apr. 14, 2001


    On the front? No. The splint bones are to the side of the cannon bone, not on the front. It's got to be something other than a splint.

    There is a tendon that runs along the front of the cannon, though.

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    Jul. 1, 2011


    Splints are on the side. Could be bucked shin? or a tendon issue (did you wrap his legs recently)? Or a hematoma from banging his leg on something?

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    As an update, I spoke with a vet today that thinks it is a bone bruise. He says stall rest for a week and 2 grams of bute a day and see if that fixes things up. If not, he'll come down and look. I have to say I love this approach by the vet since if it's something serious he'll see him and if not it'll ultimately fix him up.

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