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    Quote Originally Posted by dacasodivine View Post
    Perfect timing on this question. We are about to build a barn. I originally was thinking 10x10 but got to thinking that might be too small. Two of my horses are 14.2 and one might be 15hh if his toes are long so 10x10 will probably be fine. Besides, they will only be locked in for feeding.
    Always think of resale. We passed on several because of stall size. You can always put a small horse in a big stall but not vice versa.

    When we bought this farm, our largest horse was 15.1hh, by the time we settled, we had a 17.1hh horse.

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    Mar. 6, 2009

    Default Different sizes from 12x12 to 14x14 and 12x24 ~~ adjustable walls some solid and not

    Best to have a variety of stalls ``` depending on your plans ````types of horses / ponies as well as mares ``` geldings ``` stallions ~

    I have some 12x12 stalls.

    some 12x14 stalls

    and one 12x 24 stall

    * All the stall walls are movable / adjustable so I can make any size stall needed ``` some walls are solid and some are bars ....
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    My very old, quirky barn has two almost 10x10 stalls and two almost 10x20. My horses aren't locked it, though, and no one is taller than 15.1 and a then there's the 13 hh standard donk.
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    12' x 12'. My old barn had 9' x 9'ish stalls- they worked OK because they had half doors and the horses would hang their heads over.

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    Thanks everyone! We recently bought a small farm with a 7 stall barn, and I have not taken my tape measure down there for exact measurements yet. I do know they are at LEAST 12x12, I'm hoping for 14x14...but I've only been down there a few times I cannot clearly remember. Sadly, the horses will not be able to come and go as they please; the barn is cinderblock with one way into the stall(s) and one way out. The structure was built by a local thoroughbred trainer. I'm going to assume many of the amenities are there with this in mind. The grooming area is rather large and can accomodate two horses. And, there is an open area (where an another stall could be if there were door) that has a scale. Is this normal? Or is this an amenity to list when starting a boarding business?

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    Mine are 11'X15'. Plenty big for my 14.2h Morgans, probably just big enough for my 17h TB (he hasn't moved home yet).

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    Quote Originally Posted by lyndseyc View Post
    Sadly, the horses will not be able to come and go as they please; the barn is cinderblock with one way into the stall(s) and one way out.
    Depending on whether the block is filled or not you might still be able to cut doors if you wanted to, or at least a window for ventilation. Find a good contractor or block mason to take a look, you might be surprised.

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    10 x 10
    Had 17.3 warmbloods, OTTBS, etc. They are fine.
    Here is a shot of one of the 10 x 10's with a 17.2+ 3 yr old Belgian Draft in it. He has plenty of room, rolls, lies, down, etc.
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    I have a four stall barn that we built stall is a wash rack, one is a feed room, and the other two are for my Fjords.

    All are 12'x14' and the horses are in all day during our hot summers/thunderstorms.

    I LOVE my little barn....perfect for us -

    ^ the stall with the chestnut/blaze is now my feed room :-)

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    we have 8 stalls that are 10 by 10 - but four of them can be converted into 2 double stalls and one stall that is 10 by 16.

    Our horses are all over 17 hh except one and one is 18hh - they all lay down and are just fine. They all poop along the back wall and all the stalls are soft stalls. We go through very little bedding. They are only in at night during the winter and bad weather the rest of the time.

    My husband would prefer bigger stalls but I think they are just fine.

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    Mine are supposed to be 10 X 12, but half of them measure more like 11 X 12, and I do have two 12 x 12

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