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    My 1994 steel Charmac 2h with tack compartment under the mangers comes in at 3000 pretty much on the nose empty.

    Ask the people who are selling and claim they don't know the weight of the trailer to look at the title paperwork or, in some states, on the registration paper where you renew the plates. Should be on there somewhere .
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    My 2004 Trailers USA Minuteman 2h BP weighs 1980 lbs "factory empty" and probably about 2200 lbs with the storage I put in with supplies packed prior to loading horse(s). The smaller Cotners are typically 2200-2500 lbs, give or take, depending on models. Some 2hp BP go north of 3000 lbs! I got my weight from the manufacturer by contacting them directly. It depends upon design, materials, etc.

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    My Shadow is 2700 - all aluminum, enclosed, with dressing room. The standard model is about 2100 lbs I think.

    In the sub-5K range- have you looked at deltas or calicos? When I was shopping those kept popping up. They are both all steel, so a bit heavier (2500-2900) but sell brand new around $5500.

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    I've heard good things about Calicos (keeping in mind that they are a modestly priced trailer).
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    My new 2 horse straight load side ramp Eclipse is 3500 lbs. The CM Saratoga I sold was about 2900.

    The Eclipse is one awesome trailer
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    My older (80's) Miley 2-horse is 1800 lbs. Pretty lightweight for an older trailer.

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