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    Default Platinum Performance Skin and Allergy product experience.

    Worth trying or not? I have a mare who is sensitive to bug bites and is itchier than most horses.
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    At my barn we had a mare with allergies so bad that she would shake the barn slamming into the walls desperately trying to itch herself. It was heartbreaking and the vets struggled to find the best medication combo to help. She went on Platinum Performance Skin and Allergy along with a slew of other medications and experienced almost immediate relief. In the years since, the owner has started the PP allergy before her seasonal allergies start and the mare seems much more comfortable. She also uses a fly sheet any time it is above 70 to keep the majority of the biting insects away.

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    We have a 9 yr old gelding who has tested positive for allergies to food, insects etc. We used PP skin and allergy for the last two summers, but really didn't notice a big improvement. I was initially very hopeful (especiaqlly due to the price), but I don't think I will use it this summer. The unknown, of course, is would he have been much worse if I hadn't used it?

    We are using a product this year called Bye Bye Itch by Hilton Herbs........we'll see.

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    I had great luck with it on a chestnut horse with a immune system that was less than ideal, he had a major issue with any type of biting insects and just the sun in general, was only turned out the first half of the day, and always with a insect/sun sheet, but after being on PP could stand being out for most of the day (unless the humitity was really bad). From what I am finding what one horse will absorb in the system does not mean another will, trial by credit card!

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    It is very expensive.

    My biggest problem is that I would like to be able to muzzle my mare during the grass season but she is so itchy, especially on her face and eyes. She rubs and rubs until she gets the muzzle off and last year she scratched her cornea in the process. I do not want to risk that kind of injury again.

    Unfortunately we do not have a dry lot and our pastures have gorgeous grass.
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    Dec. 31, 2012

    Default I feel your pain :(

    I have a gelding who suffers terribly from the itchies. Being in Florida is literally a giant pain for him.

    I suffer along with him because this is high maintenance, time-consuming, and expensive to manage. For us, it's 10 months of the year.

    We've been through pharmaceutical hell, and unfortunately we have been using Dex for at least a year from February through November. This is not good! It's a time bomb waiting for founder or worse.

    Worming is imperative! I've done the threadworm treatment every year, just in case. He eats Triple Crown Low Starch corn-free. Beet pulp without molasses. Absolutely NO alfalfa! Free choice coastal hay, and a mineral block.

    Psyllium monthly for seven days
    With his grain and beet pulp, 2x per day, he gets:

    One scoop SmartPak Rehab
    One scoop SmartPak MSM (in addition to the MSM in the Rehab)
    One cup flax from SmartPak
    One cup Cocosoya oil from Uckele
    One scoop SmartPak SmartBreathe
    One Tablespoon apple cider vinegar in his 5-gal stall water bucket

    Here is the link to SmartPak's anti-inflammatory comparison chart:

    Darn it, I'll have to go back and look for it. Sorry

    As to environmental and skin care.
    He rubs on everything! It is important to protect open wounds so we don't have secondary infections. Swat, Betadine, daily grooming to find the rubbed spots and treat, fly mask, fly sheet, leg protectors.....heck, just wrap him up and set him under a fan for the day and turn him out at night GRRRRR!! Sweat MUST be dealt with immediately. A sweaty horse is a bug magnet. Remember that I'm in Florida, so mine is rinsed off and scraped at least once daily in the heat. Have I mentioned yet that I am more than old enough to be on Social Security? And gimpy from "repair and replace" surgeries?

    Stall is stripped daily. My stalls are sand bedded with pine chips. Diatomaceous earth, Stall Dri, Country Vet fly spritzers, all help to keep the bugs off. Fan goes on whenever he's in the stall. Fly predators are shipped in regularly 10 months/year.

    I realize that this all sounds terribly depressing. It is sometimes, and then I remember that he didn't do this to himself. He needs all the help he can get. If I could find him a good loving forever home up north with someone like Misty Blue I might be tempted....but there would be an ironclad understanding that he would come straight back to me - never be sold on - if it didn't work out.

    Let me go look for that chart. BRB

    OK, here 'tis

    Rehab is less expensive than PP, and as you can see from the chart there's a lot of bang for the buck. With the additional MSM it's a pretty good deal. I buy the 10lb bucket. For three horses with joint issues, it lasts about a month.

    MMMM, there's another post about this same topic and apparently I've gotten y'all confused LOL Yes, I'm an old gray mare

    Hope you get the situation under control.
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