I'll start this off with that I have spoken to my vet, but I am looking for others opinions, especially from people who have been through this surgery and rehab before:

After 30 days in a stall after surgery- while wrapped, the leg looked great. However now I have noticed some thickening of the scar tissue at the bottom of where the incision was. This would be where the drain was for a few days. This worries me because this not only creates another unsightly "bump" but if the scar tissue becomes too thick/big, then won't this interfere with the suspensory again? I have been cleared for walking undersaddle. I fear that too much movement would tear some scar tissue, making it grow bigger and bigger. Is this true? Also, I fear that with limited movement that scar tissue will also hinder his range of motion in the future. So what is better, keep him moving or limit his movement? I can poke it, squeeze it, rub it and none of it bothers him.

Despite being cleared for walking for 30 days.... my guy is ready to go back to work. If I try to walk undersaddle, all he wants to do it halt and play. I pushed him into a light trot one day just so he knows forward means forward and not halt and jump about. After that trot, he was SOOOO happy. He started out extremely up-down and uneven and after 30 seconds, he had his normal/flowing hack winner trot. I was scared to death in those first few steps, but after he evened out and wanted to move forward, I felt a huge relief. I only felt comfortable doing this knowing his suspensory is in perfect shape and wouldn't be doing any damage to it. Should I keep doing that, or do you think this would cause his scar tissue to grow around the incision? Like I said, he was very very happy to work at the trot and was super content after one minute of trot work.

Interested to hear other perspectives on this. When your horse had this surgery, after 30 days stall rest, were you cleared for light work or just for walking? I have heard it going both ways, and even know of a horse showing 60 days after the stall rest. I just feel like my horse is ready to move forward, but I also dont want to rush anything.

Also, how can I prevent the scar tissue from getting bigger and bigger? He is wrapped and is leg gets iced at least once a day.

**FYI my geldings suspensory looked great in an ultrasound before surgery, looked fine during surgery, and had a clean ultrasound 30 days after surgery**