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    Default Grass mumps...any ideas?

    My brand new TB mare has grass mumps. It is making me crazy (she is not overly concerned, but is uncomfortable by the end of the day)

    She goes out on pasture, and by mid-late afternoon, her throat is swollen, as are her cheeks, and the edema travels down to her chin and lips so it looks like she had really bad plastic surgery...

    Vet was out 2 weeks ago, and put her on hyrdoxizine. It has not done anything. Vet is coming back today to consider some other options, but all we have in the bag for now is pull her off grass and confine her to the round pen until spring has ended (from a growing standpoint) and then let her back on grass. I hate the thought of this, as she's only 4, fresh off the track, and is LOVING turnout.

    Any suggestions of something that has seemed to help? Should we give Dex a try, or do I need to suck it up and put her in the round pen if I don't want her swollen anymore?

    I know it is relatively harmless, but it is significantly impacting training because the swelling make the bridle uncomfortable.
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    Might you be able to figure out which plant is doing it and start pulling it up? That's a pretty severe reaction. My horses boarded at a barn that apparently had something in their pasture that some of the horses were allergic to but the swelling wasn't nearly that bad. We used Anihist. I guess I would go by vet's suggestions.
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    I second the idea to get someone out there ASAP to identify the toxic plant and discuss a way to control it. If horses mouth and throat is swelling up, what is it doing internally?

    I think toxic plants are the #1 most common problem in equine pastures. Everyone would like to think their horses won't eat them, but I ALWAYS find half eaten toxic plants in every pasture I walk.
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    Well we have narrowed it down that it is not a plant, and it was never a toxic plant issue as she is the only one out of 8 to have any reaction. It is a pollen that is sitting on the grass that she is allergic to.

    The vet is involved, and we have her on hydroxizine, it just isn't doing the trick. We are hopeful though that as it is a pollen, in a couple of weeks it will clear up.

    Just to clarify, she has the classic "grass mumps" reaction where her salivary gland swells and then her cheeks and lips get puffy as her head is down grazing all day... her throat and mouth aren't swelling...
    Strong promoter of READING the entire post before responding.

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