Sorry this will be a little long due to you needing background.

Have an OTTB, did 4 years on the track, moderately successful. No joint damage (did rads) but he's a bit puffy right above both ankles in front all the time. Vet feels that it's just long term abuse issue, and as he's not on the track it'll work out, since nothing in rads made us worry and he's sound.

He has super sensitive feet. So no going out on rocky ground, but as long as he's in a nice cushy arena or on grass, he's been fine.

Bring us to yesterday. I in my stupidity took him on a trail ride. Had fun, out for about an hour. Up and down steep hills, gallop through a field, go through a stream, you know the usual. He was never off, never did anything wrong. Came back to find that his left front was much more swollen and a little hot, but horse didn't palpate for pain or react to flexing. I cold hosed, poulticed and wrapped. Came back this morning, swelling gone and he was find to w/t/c on ground and while riding.

I've never had a horse that needed extra TLC when a workout was done, but it looks like he's going to need the cold hose and wrap as a regular part of our routine as we work harder and longer.

Do you do anything extra? Do you wrap regularly, cold hose, absorbine, whatever? Do I maybe need to look at an ultrasound to rule out soft tissue issues, even though he's not off at all?