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    We had the thyroid problem with my last collie too...lousy haircoat, weight gain, repeated UTI's, skin infections. The last straw was when I took her in for another UTI, they told me nothing was wrong. I took her to the internist. She was hypothyroid, had a kidney infection (thank you very much ex-vet for ignoring it). It cost me a bundle because the first vet was just plain lazy and basically incompetent.

    I used his partner as an equine vet for a while. Same thing, lazy and incompetent.

    Trust your instincts. Yes, some people are over protective with their animals, but so what? It's your money.

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    The vet practice we use has three doctors on staff and app differ in their approach. The youngest tends to be more likely to suggest tests and the oldest tends to have a 'just how it is' mindset. The middle one is somewhere between those two. However, the young vet still lets you decide on the course of action and doesn't guilt or pressure you into pursuing heavy diagnostics. When prompted they will all answer the question, 'if this was my dog, I would....'

    There are clients who strongly prefer one vet over the others for various reasons, and the office is used to that they don't mind at all, but they do tell the clients that I they come in during walking in hours rather than making an appointment, the vet they will get may be any one of them. It's only when clients come to walk ins and don't want to see the doctor they're given that they get annoyed

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    Quote Originally Posted by wendy View Post
    And 8 is barely middle-aged, not old.
    I'm sure the OP already knows this, but 8 is QUITE senior for a boxer.
    I would expect any vet worth a damn to do a senior workup as a matter of course.

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    I can't believe that in one day I heard of TWO vets who didn't seem to need money. Of course, in the first case, the dog died because the vet wouldn't take an xray to rule out a blockage, and in the 2d, the OP still doesn't know what's wrong with her dog.
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