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    Quote Originally Posted by okggo View Post
    As a seller I feel the same way - if a buyer is traveling long distances, I want them to know exactly what they can expect to see when they pull in our driveway on that date so they don't have any surprises and haven't wasted a trip. We had someone interested in a foal where we had tons of video and photos but by the time they wanted to come out she had hit one of those gawky growth spurts, and had her winter woolies in full blast - a far cry different then inspection photos at 3 months. I took pictures of the yackling as is and sent them prior to their trip. Fortunately they understood young horses and growth spurts, came out and ended up buying her. But some buyers wouldn't know any better, and I don't want them to have any surprises, so I educate and update up front. My number 1 priority is for people to be happy with their purchases; however, for me it's not just about the sale because I do care so much about each of our animals.

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    The yearling filly I purchased sight-unseen had a couple nicely positioned conformation shots and a very brief homemade video. When I expressed interest and they became available, I was emailed professional video and photos from an in-hand show. I requested additional video walking to and from the camera because I couldn't evaluate from where the videographer was positioned on the triangle. This was done on a phone and was adequate. The distance (over 2K miles) was such that I chose not to travel. The seller was a small breeder, and I think this facilitated the purchase, as she had the time/interest in providing what I need to feel comfortable.

    I can understand why a very large breeder might have difficulty providing such service, but as people are buying sight-unseen for a variety of reasons, it may make sense (yearling I purchased was on the higher side of yearling prices). The quality of the videos does matter. I do not even look at shaky or too-dark videos. Even if youngsters don't go to the breeding shows, having homemade video of them shown in a similar manner would be helpful.

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