Just wanted to share and make note of some of the good stuff I have been reading. And kinda hoping others have some good notes from their readings to share. There are some incredible teachers out there.


Relaxation is measured by the horse's response to any aid - he should take action willingly. Where there is resistance, there is tension or misunderstanding.



The horse is forward if he is able to adjust his stride--shortening or lengthening slightly within a gait--without disturbing the rhythm of the gait. This also confirms relaxation.



  • Head up.
  • Resist pulling the rein.
  • Secure the rein with the thumb.
  • Quiet hands
  • Direct the horse from the shoulders, seat, leg.
  • Relax the shoulders.
  • Relax the elbows close to the body.
  • Balance the horse directly under the seat.
  • Move the waist like a ball bearing.
  • The riders legs should hang like pendulums.
  • Relax the knee.
  • Raise the toe.
  • Apply the aids only when and where needed.

Mark Russell, Lessons in Lightness.