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    Sep. 24, 2009

    Default Disinfecting leather tack ? Without ruining it ?

    The barn where I board has a strangles outbreak.

    I used one of my spare bridles on the horse that brought it in, prior to
    knowing he was sick/a carrier.

    I've not used this bridle on any other horse since that one ride.

    How should I go about disenfecting the bridle ? Obviously the bit can be
    soaked in bleach, but what about the leather bridle ?

    Would a 10% bleach solution be strong enough ?

    Anyone have any other suggestions ?

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    But maybe someone has a better option.
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    Jul. 7, 2010


    Lysol spray works well

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    Jan. 13, 2008


    I used a Lysol solution. It does tend to strip the leather of oils, so let it dry thoroughly and then recondition. It will take some care to get the leather back into a more lifelike form.

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    Sep. 24, 2009


    Thanks !

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    Regular lysol- Spray it on and wait for it to dry then saddle soap it off and oil is the leather is dry.

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    Thumbs up RN chimes in..... need to disinfect as the bacteria dies once exposed to air/dryness for like 24-48 hrs. To be totally safe; just leave it hang for a week! Wipe it off to make yourself feel better.
    Ask your vet their recommendation too. And a less irritating disinfectant might be a chlorhexadine type like Nolvasan. Diluted.
    A bleach disinfectant would be a 1:100 dilution if you wanna use that.
    Or use a weak Nolvasan on your tack or......just soap & water!
    Time from exposure is the key; it's more likely spread by the humans on their hands/clothes than anything.

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