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    Quote Originally Posted by RottiMom View Post
    Thank you for all the replies!

    Cat does drink, we have a cat fountain for her but she has never been a poor drinker. She eats dry food very well, but we had switched her over to exclusively tin food a year ago because its supposed to be better for them. Since the switch to 100% wet food, she has really lost weight and hasnt enjoyed eating it. I think she eats it only because she is hungry, not becasue she likes it. She has lost so much weight. I really thought once she became an indoor cat she would adjust to the wet food, but maybe because she was on dry food growing up in the barn that is what she enjoys most?

    I have tried different textured tin foods, literally I have bought one can of each brand in the store! Tried baby food too. Not a fan of mushy at all. Crunchy is good, the temptations cat treats she goes nuts for. She will occasionally eat cooked chicken if I break it up into small pieces. She will lick tuna juice and leave tuna. Maybe she has a brain tumor or is in a constant state of PMS...she loves salty crunchy, she hears popcon in the microwave and looses her mind and she eats cheezies too (even beat the dogs to it when the husband dropped it!). I will pick up a bag of dry and try mixing it with the tin, see if that makes the princess happy.

    While I dont paticularly want her to die from eating dry food, I do want her to enjoy her life. Quality better than quantity right?
    well, the cat didn't get the memo.
    get her some dry food! Life is too short.

    I have three cats, and each has her own thing.
    Queen cat will not eat canned anything. Not catfood, not tuna, not even chicken.
    She will however mug you for her share of a chicken biscuit - which means the chicken paddy.
    But then again that cat also stole a sugar coated mini doughnut and ate about a quarter of it....and constantly chews holes in unattended bread loafs! Had her since she was 7 1/2 weeks old. Her brother eats his cans...but not Miss Queen.
    Quote Originally Posted by BigMama1 View Post
    Facts don't have versions. If they do, they are opinions
    GNU Terry Prachett

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    I'm a demo rep for a food company so I get to talk to a lot of pet owners (thousands actually). Yes cats do get sick/die from eating dry food. I talk to many people who have diabetic and IBD cats. I suspect there is even more but most people don't pay much attention to their cats compared to dogs. It's insane the number of disease/allergies dogs have. I've talked to so many people who have dogs with the weirdest sorts of diseases and tons and tons of allergies.

    I suspect cats do fairly well supplementing their crap diet with mice/birds and also aren't really given the same attention as dogs. Typically I am told someone will feed a high-end food to their dog but then get what ever is on sale for their cat.

    But to address the OP's issue, personally I'd have her checked out for health issues. I had a cat that lost a lot of weight fairly quickly. She was dead within a month from cancer. It was awful. Not to scare you but it's just good to have them checked out. In my cat's case the vet could feel something was not right with her intestine and had her ultrasounded and that was how she was diagnosed.

    If she's ok though, I would think try a little Evo or Orijen dry food as a topper. I have a skinny cat who is fussy. I am always trying to put weight on her but she is super fussy and always has been. She was raised on dry and they tend to imprint on a type of food. So I do add some dry food to get her to eat her raw. You can have the best food on the planet and if the cat won't eat it, it might as well be garbage.

    I think you'd be ok adding the Evo which is so low in carbs and it's also high in fat which should help. I'd stick with the poultry one. There is also Stella & Chewy's which is the company I rep for and what I feed my cats. It is a freeze dried raw food and some cats love it so you can use it as a topper.

    I started my cats out on it dry, just crumbled up. But then slowly added water and now they will eat it wet. Not every cat likes it, though but you might give it a try or/and the Evo. Also have her teeth checked to make sure they are not bothering her.

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    I have a male cat who had some urinary tract issues - lots of crystals. My regular vet said no more dry food, wet food only. He hated it. I tried every "transition plan" imaginable. And when he did finally eat the wet food....projectile vomiting for days on end. Went to a different vet for more info...He said some cats just won't eat wet food so he put him on Royal Canin SO. it is a dry food that he will eat and his urinary issues are under control. He said it is a good option for those who wont eat wet food. Talk to your vet about that option.

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    Just adding a suggestion ~

    I feed TOTW dry, 1/8 cup, twice a day with a couple teaspoons of warm water on it. My 15yo cat loves it and his BCS 3-4 (moderate-to-stout.)

    (Also, for the evening feed, I open a capsule of powdered cranberry and sprinkle a little on top: he had a UT blockage when he was 10 months old, and I add it as a preventative.)

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    Update - so kitty is still not into wet food, but we have compromised! She lets me soak her dry food in 1/2 cup water for 30-45 minutes before feeding. It turns mushy, but she likes it far better than the tin food and she will drink up all the "gravy" afterwards. I could probably add even more water. I still offer wetfood but she's really only licking at it on occasion and most goes to waste. What a strange cat.

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