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    Default New Forest ponies

    The website mentions ponies with more than 6.5% "Golden Wonder" blood are not eligible.

    Who was he and why is he pony non grata in the breed?
    I must stop asking "How stupid can you be?" rhetorically.
    Some people are starting to see it as a challenge.

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    New Forest Pony Breeders and Cattle Society
    Society Rules 2009
    Conditions of Registration: The New Forest Pony

    page 5...item 6
    Furzey Lodge Golden Wonder who stood at stud "was not the pony entered with the Stud Book"

    from what I can see, the American Book does allow a paony to be registered under section G and maybe through section E

    Section G - Ponies with more than 6.5% Golden Wonder Blood.
    All applications for Registration must be open to inspection and/or blood typing.

    SEction E - Certificate Elite Mare.
    A mare can become Elite through her offspring. If she has offspring’s by 3 different stallions and has accumulated a total of 15 points

    plus it appears any of these provisional sections would allow entry:

    Certificate Performance Broodmare (Pfb)

    A mare that has 2 of her offspring’s competing in 1 of the following,
    Dressage, Hunter/Jumping or driving
    The offspring’s need a total of 10 points
    Points are counted the same as the Performance Pony.

    Certificate Preferent Mare (Pref)

    This is the highest honor a mare can receive.
    A mare can become preferent through her offspring’s, she needs the offspring’s of 3 different stallions with a min of 12 points., offspring’s by 2 different stallions she needs a min of 15 points , offspring’s by 1 stallion she needs a min of 18 points.

    3 years old or older mares with first placing.
    3 years or older geldings with 1St placing.
    Stallions that are none approved but received a star.
    Star mares or geldings.
    Crown mares.
    Approved sons.

    Certificate Preferent Breeding Stallions (Pref)

    This is the highest honor a stallion can receive.
    A stallion can become Preferent through his offspring’s and if have received the Mary Wilson Trophy.

    He needs a total of 20 points

    Points count same as Preferent Mare.
    Mary Wilson Trophy for the US – 6 points.
    Mudeford Streak Trophy for Can – 6 points

    Certificate Star (S)

    Star states are based on exterior conformation, type and movement. It can be given to a mare, gelding or a non- approved stallion.

    The pony has to place in a halter class with NFPA High Point Halter or High Point NFPA Year End Pony.

    American Warmblood Society or American Warmblood Registry in the Pony division Regional Champion or Reserve Champion or Year End Award or approved for breeding.

    Weser-em ( German Riding Pony) approved for breeding or Regional Champion or Reserve Champion or Year End Award.

    ISR/Oldenburg approved for breeding or Regional Champion or Reserve Champion or Year End Award.

    this appears to be a Summer’s Song, P.F., / Chantilly Lace event (Ekstrom Mare) that the American Morgan Horse went though that cost the AMHA a bunch of money to defend the registry
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