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    Default Living with a 'Borrowed Brain'

    Posting this as brain injuries can happen without loss of consciousness. Please pay attention to how you feel for some time after an 'emergency dismount' and make sure to tell your friends to keep an eye on you as well!
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    Very interesting PSA, important for those around horses.
    Horses can knock you down or throw you off or fall with you and concussions are not that rare around them.

    We have a neighbor that was killed when walking behind his horse, the horse half kicked, he fell against a pipe post and had a concussion that killed him.

    Just be careful if you ever hit your head, but of course, if you hit it, you may be too impaired to realize you are not right.

    Make a mental note that any head injury demands we have someone else observing us after that.

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    Make sure you demand adequate medical care too. Don't let the ER doc tell you that "you've just had your bell rung" and you can go on with your normal activities. BTDT, own the t-shirt.

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    I've occasionally if all my head knocks haven't contributed to my often feeling off-kilter, etc. Only once been concussed (and saw a doctor that time) but not having health insurance, or money to pay the hundreds of $$$$ demanded by ERs just to look at you, who knows? Never have suffered headaches even after head knocks, and I see OK, and never have weird episodes ...
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    Back in the day it just wasn't an issue. I can remember cutting myself badly in the '80's and fainting and whacking the back of my head on the concrete floor, so badly I split the skin. The cut and the stitches got all the attention, they didn't even ask about my head, and I went back to work a day later just like I was told to.
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