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    Dec. 2, 2005

    Default Happy 30th Birthday, Zippo Ringo!! You made it another year.

    Happy Birthday, Zippo. You came into our lives over four years ago. Can you believe it has been only four years? I say that because you have given us a lifetime of memories in your short time here. Your kind and gentle nature never ceases to amaze me, like when the baby slipped out of the house to come and "feed" you. You stood over her like a statue as I almost had a heart attack. You have endured hundreds of baths covered in bubbles and little giggly girls in bathing suits. You coached my daughter through trotting and into the first canter she ever rode. I can still here her screaming, "LOOK MOM!!! WE'RE CANTERING!!!". She said "we" because you are her best friend and a part of our family.

    You have taught so many lessons to all of us, even your other equine friends. When Bo wouldn't get on the trailer our first thought was to put you on first. If Zippo does it he will too. Sure enough he jumped right on because he trusts you completely. When my daughter lost her temper with you that day in the yard - she came in crying because you pushed her to the ground. Then I spanked her for being mean to you. She learned to respect you that day. You are making her a better horsewoman and I thank you for that.

    I don't know where you have been and what you have seen but whatever it was you have turned out to be an amazing horse. I am glad we found each other and we are able to give you happy golden years.

    Zippo, I hope you are with us for a long time because you just make life sweeter. Oh and just a warning - warm weather is here and the girls are getting the shampoo and bathing suits ready.
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    Jun. 9, 2012


    No picture? No picture of Zippo?

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    Dec. 19, 2012


    Happy 29th, Zippo! Sounds like a swell guy. I agree with arbiter: WE NEED PHOTOS!!! Ahem, please

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    Jan. 18, 2008
    land of the Canucks aka West Coast B.C.


    Happy birthday! Sounds like a great old boy! And yes need pics of the good boy!


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    Dec. 2, 2005


    Wow, another year and Zippo Ringo is still with us. 30 years old and a few extra months. Here are some photos from his birthday. We called them "Youth meets Wisdom."

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    Aug. 9, 2007

    Default Thank you Weighaton, and thanks to 2Jakes too!

    Thank you Weighaton for taking the old boy when his owner left north GA and went back out west and put him on CL. And thank you 2Jakes who told me about the thread where someone on Coth was complaining about the CL ad to give away the old boy. I contacted the owner and told her it would be almost impossible to find an old horse a home, but that if she couldn't have him put down to put him on the giveaways on Coth.

    OMG and Weighaton took the old boy, and he's lived to be 30. I wonder if we could get OP to take in about 20 more horses who need homes? That nice old TB gelding on the giveaways in Calif really needed a good home, but I think his owner did decide to put him down rather than worry about what happens if a good home is not found.

    We need about 100 Weighaton's on Coth!
    Happy Birthday Zippo!

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