"River" Has been alone in a pasture for 8+ yrs fending for herself. We picked her up a couple months ago, got her up to weight, wormed, trimmed, and vaccinated. River is a registered APHA mare, who will come trotting to you as soon as she sees you, miles away! She has been "Cowboyed", and I wouldn't consider her broke to ride. She is trusting, and a quick learner if someone wanted to spend time to break her. Although, she does have some sort of balance issue (possibly nutrition deficiant)??? Very easy to handle on the ground, just pushy, because she wants to be in your pocket. River would be a great pasture mate. She is in a herd now, and loves having friends! Please call me if you have any questions 303-913-2909. Will bring her to you, if within a resonable distance to Lincolnton, NC.