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    Default Trimming Cat Nails

    So, as some of you know, I am fostering a former "feral" cat. He is an adult male now neutered cat. I want him to get used to me cutting his nails. I have always gotten my cats as kittens, so it just something they grew up getting done.

    Any good advice on how to desensitize him to it? I would rather it be a pleasant experience for us both.

    I have been making an effort to play with his paws. My plan of action is to get him use to me touching his paws and then use to me exposing his claws then eventually work the nail clippers in.

    Any other advice? Thanks!

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    Is he okay with you touching his paws right now, or not really?

    You might have to go the bribery route to get the paw touching to a tolerated level, ie, if he'll sit in your lap and lick at a piece of chicken in between your fingers, you might be able to massage his toes without him squirming away.

    I find the exposing the claw is the thing they most dislike, so if I can get away with nipping the tips off without really having to squeeze the paw, all the better.

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    Get him while sleeping?

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    nasalberry has it right, but there is more:

    IMO, cats hate the wrestling as much as whatever you'll actually do to them. So take advantage of the fact that these buggers sleep 18 hours a day and do your training then.

    Also, "less is more" with a cat. Better to clip one claw while the cat is asleep than to go for the gold and have the cat wake up to "torture." If kitteh does start to wake up, chances are, he will say "No," pretty softly first. Cats are pretty slow to get from zero to 60 when sleeping. I

    f you get caught redhanded, don't let go of the paw but pretend you had no bad intentions. Let the cat think he was wrong to be worried.... while he's in that nice sleepy, non-worried place. Let go when he chills.

    If he is getting amped up, you lost the round so pretend you weren't doing anything in the first place.
    The armchair saddler
    Politically Pro-Cat

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