Where I work, there are fields, soft dirt trails, hard dirt trails, and a long very hard packed dirt road with a scattering of small pea-gravel. I usually condition in fields and on the trails, as well as out of my area. However, when talking with a friend she says she also gallops on the hard-packed dirt road. This isn't everyday, more like twice a week, but I'm wondering if this is bad for the horse?

The road isn't paved. It's a really hard white-ish grey/yellow color with pea gravel on top, spread thinly. It's flat, no hills. Good traction I would guess, unless you try a really tight turn (which I don't know why you would or how you would).

I'm wondering if this surface would be okay for galloping short distances? My worry is the concussion, but it isn't pavement and it's probably just as hard as some of the other hard-packed trails around here.

So what do you guys think? Is this surface okay for galloping once/twice a week? In a perfect world we'd all gallop on nice rolling hills and fields, with some beaches scattered in the mix, but sadly that isn't always possible. (Major jealousy if any of you can do that easily.)