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    I have always ridden with my hair up, even as a SS rider I never did the braid thing, even though my hair has always been long.

    I have two helmets (schooling & show) that are both fitted for hair up, they would never fit with my hair down.

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    I guess this is the one benefit to having extremely thin hair! Mine is shoulder length but super thin. I wear it down schooling and up to show. It barely makes a difference. After a few hours I will get a headache but that has happened regardless after a certain amount of time with every helmet I've owned. I have an extremely round head.
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    Try a One K. The liner system allows you to have one helmet and 2 separate sizes for up or down hair.

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    I always ride with my hair up in a hairnet. Chopped it off a few years ago and even though it's long again I just got used to wearing a net. I also have a super oval head that can be a little hard to fit, so I fill in the tiny spaces around the sides of my head with my hair. I always fit my helmets with my hair up, kind of hate riding with it down now.

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    I ride with my hair up at shows and my hair down at home. I do have a schooling helmet (IRH) that's snug without hair up. But my GPA Speedair is so much more comfortable that I ride in it daily even though it's a hair looser (ha ha, pun intended!). Not so loose, though, that it moves around. But despite having long hair, it's not all that thick, so it's not that big of a difference either way.
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    I accidentally have two - a Tipp for schooling that fits w/ my hair down, and a JR8 that fits w/ my hair up for shows. The JR8 was meant to be my all-the-time one helmet, but I didn't realize how much it'd loosen up after a month! Next time, I'm buying a smaller size! Anyway, yeah, so now that only fits w/ my hair up and I HATE wearing my hair up so I used it as an excuse to get a smaller Tipp for schooling.

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