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    Default Link To Buggy Post

    Here is a link to a Post about a buggy paint job at Off Course. Quite worth seeing. I DO like the wheels!

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    Well I dont know about that one but in the early days of our going out to the Lancaster Amish area for carriage stuff - - we stopped in at Lapp's (one of the premier carriage restorers)
    One of his craftsmen - a very young kid - was showing off the carriage they let him finish using the shop . . .
    He was recently married so he had a new Amish Market wagon - you know the closed box kind
    finished beautifully with Dove grey box and black under carriage
    But the kicker was - he was driving a flash dapple grey standardbred
    Harness was fitted with ALL the little silver dots you could fit on it
    and the interior of the wagon had florescent shag carpet and those little pompom balls tricked out around windows etc

    Just what a kid would want to drive!

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