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    I think she was refering to the mom of Lucy who is new to the sport.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ActNatural View Post
    I think she was refering to the mom of Lucy who is new to the sport.
    Also, I have heard some pretty frightening things about the quarter horse barns around here. It's like some bizarre marriage of Clinton Anderson and the Mexican mafia. Is it just me, or does the horse business in general seem pretty rife with abuse and deceit?
    This is the OP comments above. I take issue with it. Regardless if she or Mom is new, the OP uses the word "rife" meaning:

    Something undesirable or harmful. Of common occurrence; widespread. In an unchecked or widespread manner. common - prevalent - widespread.

    This is just like that Drug thread the forum mods ended filled with accusations, rumors, generalizations and assumptions.

    New to the horse world or not, there is no excuse for being a part of the rumor bs.
    If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

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    Camp! I vote for camp.

    I must be feeling exceptionally Asperger-y lately because I sat down and thought about how I learned to ride, nothing special about it, riding Western on those trail rides and then leasing a pony for the summer to keep me out of Mom's hair, anyway I started counting hours. Lucy of the OP has ridden in a weekly lesson for two years, or possibly 104 hours. I got almost that many hours in in one summer of trail riding on that pony, uphill, downhill, trot, whoa, mad gallops and easy canters.

    A good lesson once a week for three months would certainly have done wonders for educating me and my seat and hands, I wish I'd have been at Tamara's, but the saddle time is invaluable.

    Oh and BTW, flip flops and a cell phone combined with dread on the part of the Mom on lesson day - get out of there!
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    I havent read this entire thread so forgive me if it has gone off track...

    but...I specifically remember two instances when I thought to myself "If MY trainer had done that, or if that had been ME"...

    I was watching a lesson 5 or so years lesson with intermediate type kids, jumping 2ft or so when the trainers cell phone rang. I fully expected her to ignor or silence it as she was right in the middle of jumping a course, etc...nope, she answered and went on to have a rather lengthy conversation with whoever was on the other end. At first I remember trying to validate her answering...maybe it was her boss, or maybe it was a student rescheduling, or about a sales horse, was about her evening plans. Two kids went through a full course of jumps without so much as a look from their trainer. When she hung up, she asked each kid "how was your course?"..ACK!!

    The other was a simliar senerio with the exception that I was IN the lesson when the trainer answered her cell phone. She was on the phone a good 15 minutes while we all just walked on the rail...I remember thinking "Wow, I am PAYING for this?!?!"

    Maybe its because I grew up riding before cell phones were the norm or before people even had them, I dont know...but to me its rude and unprofessional. Sure, keep your phone on you in case you need to dial 911 or something, but I can only think of a few reasons as to why you would answer during a lesson or show round, etc...and making dinner plans isnt it.
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