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    Default How Long?

    Does it take for late gelding to lose some, if not all, of his stallion tendances?

    DH was given a foundation appy that was a 10 year old stallion. He had never bred mares but he knew he had the equipment. Before we brought him home, we had him gelded; this was back in October. He is a very sweet little guy and DH is working with him, however, he still has the stallion desire to breed mares. He has gone through the fence to try and get to my mares which are kept on the opposite side of the property. I'm a little concerned how this is going to play out once he is saddle trained and expected to behave while being worked. I know it hasn't been that long but I'm just wondering how long it might take.
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    From what I remember it takes 90 days for the hormones to disapate post castration.

    Regarding the stallion behaviors, I think it depends on the horse. Some people I have spoken with have gelded older stallions, and they settle down fairly quickly and act for the most part like a proper gelding. Then there are horses like my horse, who I gelded at age 9 when I bought him off the track, and well he's 28 now and has never, ever forgotten that he was a stallion. Good luck, and I think that with your husband's horse the basic training should help.

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    I bought a 12 year old stallion as my dd's move up horse from ponies...sounds crazy right? Well he was the sweetest, nicest, easiest horse that just happened to be a stallion. He had never bred anything (so we were told), and decided to take a gamble. I had him cut just before he turned 13. He new he was a boy before gelding him but overall he settled down after about 2 months. He still has some stallion tendencies at age 15 though. I don't have mares on my property and he doesn't seem to differentiate between them and geldings and he is only turned out alone. If he sniffs another horse he puffs up to about 4 inches taller than he normally is but other than that he's pretty benign. He's very, very easy to handle although if you get mad at him, he gets mad back but that is the very rare occasion.

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    Depends on the horse. Cloudy was gelded before he came to America. 12 year later, he's stills sexually active, although he's settled down with one mare, thank God.

    As a vet told me once after he altered a male dog of mine and Chad was still trying to mount my aussies months later, "it takes a while for the testosterone level to go down." (That took about a year.) I figure that Cloudy's testosterone level will "go down" when he's in his late 20s. (He still wand waves at mares, but only has had sex with his own mare for last 5 yrs.)

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    Mondy was gelded at about three and a half, he is almost 9 now, and still believes he is a stud. He will breed mares, LOVES mares. He also has to be turned out alone now because he "plays" WAAAY to rough with other geldings and has hurt a few. No calling or inappropriate behavior under saddle or in hand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oliverreed View Post
    Mondy was gelded at about three and a half, he is almost 9 now, and still believes he is a stud. He will breed mares, LOVES mares. He also has to be turned out alone now because he "plays" WAAAY to rough with other geldings and has hurt a few. No calling or inappropriate behavior under saddle or in hand.
    Same with my horse, but he was gelded shortly after they dropped.

    He can not be turned out with any mares. Ever. He's fine in a pasture next to them, but will crank up the Barry White and give the neighbors quite an eyeful if he's turned out with them. No issues under saddle or in hand when ridden with or lead by mares. He also has to be pastured alone unless put with a more bossy gelding else he'll relentlessly torment the poor SOB.

    Sounds like our guys could be twins.

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    I have one that was gelded at some time prior to age 3, is nearly 20 now, and is most certainly convinced he isn't missing a thing.

    To answer your question directly, it could take a while, or never happen at all. Sigh.

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    Haha, Barry White mood music! That's good.

    Anything by Al Green is pretty good too.

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    My horse was gelded at age 9 after having been used as a breeding stallion. Within weeks he started acting like any other gelding and is well-behaved and pleasant around other horses including mares in heat.

    I've never turned him out with a mare, though.

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    My vet, who just gelded Odie last year (three, never bred AFAIK), said it's really only 30 days for the hormone level to completely dissipate. I asked about the 90 day thing I've heard for most of my life, and he said no, the stuff just isn't there to make the hormone anymore...

    I didn't time how long it took for Odie to calm down a bit, he liked DH's mares when we first got him home but he lived on the other side of the barn and out of sight of anything but geldings. He was never studdish though.

    In the past, I've always kept recently gelded geldings away from mares for 90 days because that's what I always thought it was, however generally turned them out with geldings as soon as they were healed. Most stallions are kept isolated for so long, that getting them out and socialized was always a priority for me, and of course rough play is just horse'ing around .
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