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    Quote Originally Posted by quietann View Post
    Boston, MA. Another expensive city!

    For board within an hour's drive of the city:

    Full-service board in a stall w/indoor ... the lowest I know of is $600 but that's not a good place. I would say $900-$1000 is average and the highest I know of is $1400 -- but that is for a nice place a bit closer to the city. "Training board" where you have a package where the horse is getting ridden by a trainer and you get lessons is typically 50-100u% more. I pay $940 for full board, though $150 of this is applied toward lessons with one of the trainers (which are $60/hour for a prepaid private lesson, or $75 pay-as-you-go) or you get a weekly ~30 to 45 minute private lesson with the BO.

    Full board without an indoor and with a stall starts around $500 -- again at the lower ranges, quality may suffer. Average is probably around $650. Barns without indoors tend to have fewer amenities.

    Pasture board is nearly impossible to find and might start around $300, depending on what other amenities the barn has.

    "Backyard barns" -- usually renting a stall or paddock space from someone who has their horses at home -- is less expensive.

    All of these rates can be reduced by doing some or all of the care yourself, buying your own hay/grain/shavings etc. but in the latter case you won't save a lot of money; barn owners buy more at a time and usually get a bulk discount.

    If you go into New Hampshire, board prices typically go down by 10-25%, and more as you get into the rural areas. It is less expensive to run a barn up there. Western MA prices where you are say an hour and a half or more from Boston are about the same as southern New Hampshire.
    your barn sounds like a barn I used to work at in Groton!

    I've been up and down the east coast and I say it depends on amenities - there were barns in RI ranging from 150$ to 1500$ - same with in or near Boston. In Aiken, I was boarding for free.. And board there goes from 250$ to 1000$.

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    I'm in inland Southern California (40 mins from Galway Downs, about 90 minutes from LAEC). I pay $300/mo for a 24' x 36' pipe corral which includes feeding alfalfa hay twice a day.
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    I'm an hour north of Boston and I'm lucky to board my horse at a friend's backyard barn. I help with barn chores and horse/dog sitting at times and only pay $350 a month. Day turnout on dry paddocks in the winter, night turnout in summer, my horse also has a small paddock attached to her stall. She gets the grain and supplements I want and true free choice hay. There are trails and a big outdoor ring with jumps.

    In the winter, I have the option of boarding at the big event facility (huge indoor, several outdoor rings, xc course) where the board is now about $650/month.
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    According to Google, the Australian dollar and the US dollar are almost identical at the moment.

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    I am in Northern Colorado. I pay $190 for full care pasture board. The farm has an indoor and outdoor, as well as trails and trailer parking. That's a little cheaper than average in the area. Full care stall board ranges from $300-$600 depending on the type of facility.
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    I'm on the west coast, in Oregon, and pay $325 for full care. The farm has an indoor arena, daily turn out, access to trails and trailer parking. Prices really do vary a lot depending on where you are located.

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    In Western MA, the lowest I have seen for an indoor, outdoor, and some but not great turnout is $450. There's some other places that are higher, some with indoors, some without.

    I'm looking at a place in Northern CT right now that is $750, but is soooo much closer to me (8 miles versus 30) that the gas savings pays for a lot of the extra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joiedevie99 View Post
    I'm in the NYC suburbs and prices are similar to Wellington in season - $1000 is a real bargain, probably no amenities and a very small place. Most places are $2000 ranging up as high as $3500 (although that often includes some training).

    Two hours in either direction (not towards the city) and you can get something pretty decent closer to $750.
    On Long Island, NY within 50 miles of NYC you can find barns for $500. No indoor but good outdoor, usually with resident trainer who does USEF rated shows.
    Similar arrangements are available in the Aiken SC area as well as western VA.
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    Soloudinhere, I board at a great facility in Somers CT 5 minutes from my house in East Longmeadow. $650 per month including nice stalls, sex segregated turnout, indoor arena, outdoor ring, miles of trails, great people, good care. They will hold your horse for the farrier (they sedate mine too, pay extra for that). Also two good trainers - they show NSH hunt and saddle seat. Also give lessons.
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    I pay $500/month for full board in SE Texas. That includes 4-6 flakes of hay per day, grain twice per day, daily turnout (either AM or PM), large covered arena, small dressage arena, a jumping arena, covered round pens, electricity for one stall fan and blanketing when needed.

    You have to pay extra for things like alfalfa and monthly trailer parking.

    There are other barns close by with similar or better amenities but cost quite a bit more. Then there are barns that cost the same but have awful facilities or are run by nutjobs.

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    I'm near Washington, DC. For a decent quality place large indoor, but not A rated about $550. For A rated show barn 800-1500 is expected. For self care with a stall $350 for self care, field board maybe a little less.

    But figure all of those places usually come with an hour commute from DC, so you have to add the really expensive price of getting to the barn. I spend $550 a month on board then it costs about $11 in gas to get to and from the barn and I go 6 days a week.

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    Don't know if you want to know about Canada, but I pay $670 per month for indoor boarding. Outdoor is $400. Extra for blanketing service, bucket service. We have a large heated indoor arena, 6 (or so) outdoor rings, including a Grand Prix jumping ring, daily turnout in pens or fields, straw or shaving bedding, feeding 3x a day, bucket feeding 2x a day... Tons of shows every year from hunter/jumper/dressage/breed shows. Three trainers, lessons are pretty much a separate thing, but I pay $140 extra for four lessons a month. Love my place as it is 20 minutes or so from the city.
    Other barns in my province range from $150-$700 a month, depends on level of care, distance from the city....

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    Default Varies widely but where I'm at...

    Currently at the facility I'm at in Western NC: Pasture board $125 Summer, goes up to $175 in Winter, but good quality round bale hay put out daily and the horses are also supplemented in the field with corn. No shelter other than a wooded area. Full use of an approx 80x150ft outside arena (excellent footing), with three season access to a 100+x 200+ arena (normally used for roping practice). Extra charge for blanketing, or if BO feeds in pasture. For a reasonable fee BO will assist with holding horse for vet or farrier if owner is unable to get out to do it themselves.

    Full board is $300/mo with a blanketing charge. Horse is turned out with other pasture horses usually a minimum of 12-16hrs a day. Mares and geldings are separated. Fifteen minutes by trailer away from a State Park with lots of good trails. I'm lucky. I live approx 15 minutes from the barn.

    I don't know about them all, but other facilities in my area range from $300-$650 mo for full board. Pasture board runs $125-$250 (if you can find it).
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