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    Jul. 3, 2005
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    Default Grooming: Best whitener?

    I have a mostly white paint who thinks its great to sleep in his urine and kneel in the mud to reach the hay he dumps on the other side of the fence.

    I shampoo his legs once or twice a week, use a grooming shine spray when He is clean to try and keep it that way, and have tried cowboy magic green spot remover, rubbing alcohol, and quik silver.

    We still have yellow knees and hocks...

    Is there any hope?

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    Nov. 8, 2012
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    I used to use Bon Ami cleanser. Most super marekets have it.

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    Aug. 16, 2008


    I have good luck with iodine shampoo or betadine scrub. I know it doesn't sound as if it should, but try it. It does tend to "strip" the hair, especially if used on manes and tails. so a conditioner is recommended

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    Feb. 1, 2012


    Pert Plus shampoo (the human kind!) or Head & Shoulders.

    You know those show oxen at the fairs, the ones that are PURE WHITE, and cows always shit all over themselves...I asked a local lady how she did it, and she said "Pert Plus! It's been my go-to for YEARS!" I tried the Head and Shoulders on my mare with white socks, and the white was so bright it nearly blinded me in the sun!
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    Bluing shampoo. Silver Lights by Clairol is a good, inexpensive one. The key is to not leave it on too long - there IS a reason "blue-haired old lady" exists
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    Cornstarch & water: make a paste, let dry, brush out.

    I have also heard of doing this with hydrogen peroxide in paste instead of water.

    You can also just apply cornstarch after cleaning, as we did for shows. I wonder if it would help prevent stains, too.

    After getting them clean, show sheen or other silicone can help to some extent to prevent stains.

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