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    Default stifle injections and head swing

    I posted this on the dressage thread but am hoping someone here can help me too.

    I just had stifle injections (one week ago) done on my mare. I rode her for the first time last night in the ring (only hacking out before now) and while I can see a difference, she still has a head swing side to side going right. She started the head swing back in the summer but it was very slight and come and go. I thought it might be due to uneven contact as we were learning dressage (from hunter land). Now though, she swings the head side to side even if I dont have any contact at all and its only going to the right. Going left, there isnt a swing at all! Her right stifle was the worse.

    Is a week too soon to see the total effects from the injections? Is it possible that she was compensating for her pain in the right stifle by moving different, causing the head swing, and it will just take time to get back to normal? Otherwise, she is very forward now, Im not getting any of the hoppy stifle steps, and she isnt dragging her toes as much. Could the head swing just be a habbit now, whether or not its from uneven contact or from compensation? She does not swing AT ALL going left but left is her best side (and mine too) She is also out of shape though because I have not been able to do much with her in the past 2 months.


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    I have a stifle horse and we did IRAP perhaps 4 - 6 weeks ago now. She never had a side to side head swing, before IRAP or after.

    I would guess that the side to side swing has nothing to do with the stifle and is due to some other issue.

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