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    Jun. 20, 2012

    Default Thank you for caring so much!

    So I have been having daily lessons with my 4 year old, as I assumed from the start she would be too much for me, specially when you have to have a horse ready in time for competing.

    I've changed trainers recently (beginning of December) and this trainer has been a true godsend, he has been doing such a great job with both my mare and I!

    For the last two weeks I've been away from the yard as I've been very sick. Today was the first day I was back, and from past experiences I was expecting to arrive there today and have to deal with a million things that should have been done and weren't, and a thousand issues.

    Well, I arrived there today and not only was everything done to perfection (horse cared for properly, as if I had done it myself, vet and farrier appointments made, clean tack and washed rug) but my trainer also rode her for me and wow! What an amazing horse I now have! She has developed so much in the past 15 days, its amazing to see her progress.

    So here it is, just a little thank you to all the professionals who go out of their way to make sure the horse's care is tip top and who are actually interested in developing the horse (and not only act pretty for the pic)

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    I board in a similar barn. Tip-top care whether I'm there or not. I never ever worry about my horse when I'm on vacation. It's wonderful, so I also say thank you the pros who run such barns.
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    Last winter, I was badly injured and really out of it for 6 weeks. Barn owner and trainer were wonderful, horse had the best of care and good training. I don't know what I would have done without them (and my fabulous neighbor who looked after my home horses...)

    Nice to know that there are decent, caring people in this world, isn't it!

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