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    Quote Originally Posted by HyperionStudLLC View Post
    It's about time folks stop analyzing too much. Fact of the matter, USA won! It's been perhaps 5 years since they won the NC here in Wellington, and on the larger scale it equals HUGE points based on the new NC rules and format.

    From my perspective, what is concerning, is that our picks for teams like NC and such are rather slim these days. We rely so heavily on the " usual" riders, and see very few up and coming. Kessler is an up and coming despite her Olympic debut, but where are the others? The best of the best are here in Welly and we are saturated by the amateur riders. It will be interesting to see how Robert Ridland comes up with his 3:2 ratio for teams.

    There are so many factors involved, but at the the end of the day, we lack rider and horse power in larger numbers. The Europeans are stock full with professional riders, and we are stock full of professional trainers. Tough equation to turn around over here.
    Cannot argue with this. We are thin--although good at the top of our pile of rider/horse combos--but we have no one in the minors working their way up. It is the same old riders with an occasional well to do/buy an expensive horse youngster making it into the top ranks. Kessler is good on her one horse--but??? No reserves and no depth in riders. Look at London last year and you may have a prediction for this September once again. Hard to beat those Europeans--there are way too many of them. Robert may not have enough arrows in his quiver. Same problem George always had. Our system produces trainers, not riders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Allyn M View Post
    Normally I do not post on this forum anymore....... but I have to take issue with greyarabpony 's remark about American bred jumpers not " kicking butt" in the big shows . I know for a fact that Grey Fox Farms in California bred a horse that is winning GPs and Carol Lush bred a horse that is winning GPs and Bannockburn Farm has two horses at that level Centurion B has won several mid west GPs and this year has already won two GPs ( 50,000 and 25,000 ) and a welcome stake as well as coming in 2nd and 7th in additional GPs at HITS Ocala.
    There are so many factors to getting a horse to that level. It takes a well bred and sound horse and a talented and patient rider and time . There is a greater effort being made right now to encourage riders to buy American bred jumpers then I have ever seen before.
    And by the way I was at the Nation's Cup this week end and the American team was great but the highlight of the weekend was the spectacular jump off at the GP. The best jump off I have ever seen and I have been watching J/O for too many years to count.
    Am I supposed to be impressed that you can name a few of horses that are winning at GP? Did I say that no US bred horses were winning or doing well at GP level?? Wait, no I DIDN'T. I've never said that.

    HOWEVER, those horses are NOT currently winning/ placing high in the same courses that are at WEG and Olympic level, or winning the big money classes. When and if they do, great.

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    GrayArab---the 4 star nations cup (which is usually what WEF runs) are I think 1.5m which is basically national level GP -- and Banncockburn Farm has bred a horse that recently won the big $50,000 national GP at Ocala (they dont give the money away...) and also competed in the Harrisburg GP which is a World Cup class and hence 1.6m(??). I think grey(or gray) fox farm in California has been competing in world cup classes with homebreds out west but I might be wrong about that. I am sure there are others.

    I guess what I meant to conclude with is we are starting to see the "fruit" of breeding programs thought out ten years ago.
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