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    Default Former barn cat, now a house cat has the sniffles

    I have a call into the small animal vet for an appointment but wanted to see if anyone had any ideas/thoughts/suggestions...

    Oreo has been migrating into being more of a housecat this winter - especially since it has been colder. As of late it is an act of force to push him outside in the morning and by noon he is hanging off of a doorknob to be let back in. Once he figured out the house was was bye-bye hanging around for lessons and the odd cuddle during chores. Historically, he has been our Assistant Trainer and supervises all the goings on here on the farm, but alas...

    2 days ago he started sneezing and now has watery eyes and a bit of a runny nose. Kitty allergies? Flu? Should I panic?

    He's been with us since 2005 and is up to date on his rabies and is negative for Feline Lukemia.
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    He could have caught a cold; cats are about as prone to catching upper respiratory viruses as a child! I believe the procedure is to take care of him and make sure it doesn't turn into a secondary. Has he had vaccinations other than the rabies? If not, it could be something more serious, but if he's been vaccinated I would just keep him in and feed him well and monitor him.

    He's very cute-my "barn cat" turned "house cat" is the short-haired female version of him.

    I'm not a vet but I can give you something to read until one shows up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tasker View Post
    2 days ago he started sneezing and now has watery eyes and a bit of a runny nose. Kitty allergies? Flu? Should I panic?
    Don't panic, but do get him to the vet asap. He's probably got an URI (upper respiratory infection), which becomes problematic if it progresses to the point where he can't smell. If he can't smell, he won't eat and that's where things can get bad.

    My big dumb guy is currently on a week's worth of Clavamox, since he broke with the sneezes late last week, so I know where you're coming from! Actually, a REALLY bad URI is why I have the big guy in the first place - he was pulled from the sick room at the local animal control by my boss (a vet) so we could fix him up and adopt him out - he sounded horrible! He didn't sneeze, he gurgled! He had to be syringe fed for a while, and decided that I was the only person in the clinic that he liked (as I was the only one who wasn't force feeding him). I really didn't want a cat, but he liked me and my dog liked him...

    Hoping for a speedy recovery for your big guy - he's very handsome!

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