I scavenged a soft crate with a torn door & zipper I cut away. I thought I could easily use the crate with a wire crate divider. The divider fits well but how do I secure it? Or other repair ideas? Where can I buy a metal crate door?

I’ve seen someone with a soft crate and metal door so I thought this would be easy. Not so easy.

I originally slipped the divider inside the door frame opening, thinking I could attach it to the frame of the crate with zip ties and clamps. Well in that set up, the door opens inward. Doh!

If I had a metal crate door, it is a panel with door slightly smaller than dimensions of the panel, so the frame could sit inside the soft crate opening and the door could swing outward. IF it all fit perfectly. But I can’t find where to buy a replacement door, only a replacement door for the plastic crates where the door is one item/size with no frame.

My next thought is to make a cloth panel similar to the homemade Kuranda bed.

How do I secure something to the outside of the soft crate? Punch holes through the fabric? Will that weaken the integrity?

I've made crate covers with help. Is this something a hobby quilter could do?