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    Feb. 19, 2013

    Default Getting the 'dream farm' now I have to fence it...

    Well the SO and I have found our dream farm!! We are all set to close on it in 2 1/2 weeks. The issue is it's only partially fenced and needs alot of extra fencing done, 10 acres of fence. It currently has a mixture of 3 rail white Ramm fence and 5' non climb. We are going to move the horses as soon as we close and put them in the small non climb paddock until the broodmare foals out. Then we have about 4 weeks until we can turn out in the large pasture (that needs fenced). We have been looking into (black) Centaur coated electric wire fencing with a top 5" rail. But that is alot of post to set without a tractor... So we were thinking about putting up the electric rope with T-post as a temporary quick fix. We need something that will keep a foal in the pasture. I work for a farm supply company and can get everything except the Centaur fencing below retail cost... eventually the white Ramm fence will need to be replaced, it's older and starting to show it's age plus it is going to be impossible to keep white. And we want something that eventually will keep a cow or two contained.

    See here for an aerial view. We are mainly concerned with fencing in the back of the property.
    Green = property line
    Blue = existing fence
    Red = fencing to be done

    Opinions Please!!

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    Dec. 27, 2006
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    Rent a bobcat with a posthole digger (or driver) to get the posts in. If you don't know someone comfortable with operating the equipment, also higher an operator.


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    Mar. 27, 2011
    Waaaaay back Slaughter Holler


    I've found it easier and quicker to just hire a fencing company to come do our fence work. Our guys pull in with a cab over truck, pulling a trailer loaded with a skid loader and four wheeler and all their fencing supplies. Installation takes them no time at all and it is done correctly. They know where to put braces and gates as well as what it takes to put the posts into the ground properly.

    When we bought our farm, all exterior property lines were fenced with white pvc 3 rail fencing. We had a car go through the fence in bad weather at the end of January and take out an entire corner as well as 3 sections of fence. I had no idea that every single white post on our property is concreted!

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    Nov. 4, 2003
    Sanger, TX, USA


    Many of our customers have someone set their posts for them and hang the material themselves. Posts are the bulk of the work. Whatever you decide to do,
    read the install guides on line and follow their directions for end/gate posts and corners. Don't let an installer short cut them.

    Centaur is made in Alabama and Circle 5 Outfitters there (muscle shoals area) is
    one of their top installers. You might check them out. We've worked together on
    a couple of projects (we sold the materials, they did the install). They are also a
    Centaur dealer. Ann Jones is the one you want to talk with.

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    Feb. 19, 2013


    I've put up alot of fence (side work when I was right out of college) so I'm familar with all types of fence. And renting the equipment won't be an issue. I'm just to cheap to pay someone else to do a job that I can do myself...

    Julie- I've googled Circle 5 outfitters and found a 1-800 number but can't find a website? The farm is only about 30 minutes away from them (one huge saving is we wouldn't have to pay any freight as we could pick up). I'm leaning towards putting in White Lightning with creosote post spaced every 12'. Thoughts on 3 or 4 strands, top rail, etc? Could we get by having 4 strands (top and bottom electric) then when I get my bonus check put a top rail of the Electric Hot Rail up? Or maybe a Hot rail, then 3 strands of the coated wire with electric on bottom? What combos have you found that work best?

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