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    Quote Originally Posted by TrakHack View Post
    I did make the mistake of dropping a hot letter on my ankle, so I now have a scar in the shape of an "A". That was a deep burn that took a *long* time to heal. Won't make that mistake again!
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    My girl is a sensitive OTTB so I don't have any hard brushes she hate's 'em!!!
    My grooming routine depends but assuming the worst
    1. Metal curry (used VERY gently) to remove mud (I didn't think she'd tolerate the metal curry but she does if I'm VERY gentle- only on her muscley places).
    2. Normal rubber curry
    3. Big Flick brush
    4. Jelly curry
    5. Medium brush
    6. Pimple mitt
    7. Short bristled body brush
    More body brush if she needs it/time permits
    8. Jelly curry for face, she loves having her face groomed.
    9. Special small soft brush for face
    9A. Kiss on the nose
    10. Rub rag
    11. Spray with "healthy coat" spray.
    11A. Fly spray if we have flys.
    12. Pick feet (actually in any order)
    13. Brush out mane with oster brush (tail only gets soft brush unless washed and has detangler in it).
    14. Tell her how beautiful she is!!!!!

    I just got a cactus cloth like item and am looking forward to trying it out on her.

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