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    Default Best Camera/Camcorder for Lessons/Shows

    My current camera, a Kodak P&S (really a POS...) needs to be replaced. Looking for suggestions for cameras with a good video function or a camcorder that can take decent video(can see rider's position clearly, but needs not be Blu Ray Hi Def 3D quality). I see most of the camcorders have a function to gather stills from video, which would also be handy! Will need to be fairly rugged, will be exposed to dust/dirt. One that doesn't eat lithium batteries every 1min of video would be helpful.

    Oh and budget friendly? Say under $300 (though my bday is quickly approaching, better start leaving massive hints for DH!). A tripod would also be a good investment, suggestions for those are appreciated as well.

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    There are just SO MANY options. I would take your list of "wants" to a good camera store, and have one of the smart people that work there do some magic. Not a Radio Shack or mall shop, but a good outfit that really specializes in cameras--it can be an "electronics" store but you want to talk to a camera weenie. Be sure you are clear on your budget, but IME if you go in there with the clear intention of buying something and are clear with your "must haves" they will find something that works.

    Strangely, the BEST camera-buying experience I ever had was at one of those crazy, crowded, little electronic/camera shops on 7th Avenue in NYC; I just went in, told the guy what I wanted and he spent 45 minutes walking me through options and let me do all sorts of demos and he talked me OUT of the more expensive of my two finalists.
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    I can't remember all the criteria I had, but I recently bought a new camera to replace my ancient one and this is what I ended up with

    I wanted something that would take a decent still off a camera, have decent resolution (1080), easy to handle, shake control, and not need a cassette of any type (I was also replacing a dinosaur).

    I haven't used it too often yet since I've been out of commission until recently due to surgery in the fall. but here's a few stills taken from the guy who is riding my horse while I was out:

    Headless horseman close up (I am a better videographer but there is only so much you can do when the horse is under your nose LOL)

    here's a screen shot from the other side of the arena in the middle of an attempted spook so you can get an idea of how it handles rapid motion LOL

    and kind of a long boring video on you tube - grey disgusting day, early in the AM and still good visability

    I shot in an indoor as well - very good video quality given the lack of light
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    I have a bunch of videos on my blog taken with my flip camera.

    The biggest flaw is the lack of zoom but the biggest bonus is that it is very very easy to use and holds 2 hours of video. It also charges off my computer so I don't have to mess with batteries. I got it for about $100 so it's a nice low budget option.

    I can take screen caps if I open the video in a player such as VLC.

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    Is the camera that we have. I can't recall it being that expensive but we bought our camera several years ago. We have to take a lot of videos of sales horses so it is important for us to have a good quality camera that will last. This camera is going on 3yrs and is still kicking despite a ton of use. It takes really good video and is easy to use. I find it easy to download and edit directly on the camera.

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    I am in love with my Sony Nex:

    Takes great pictures and came with a good lens off the get go. I eventually splurged for a bigger lens for cross country and *love* the quality of video I get. Crystal clear. I also appreciate the fact that its smaller than a Rebel or the like - easy to pack around even with the extra lens.

    Here is an example of video (and keep in mind that the quality was decreased when it was uploaded to youtube - on my computer it is gorgeous):

    Best feature of the camera? An easy to use "exposure" correction so you can take videos/photos in low light (note that the arena has no lights on) so you can always see.

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