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    Yay! I'm so happy for you. I get my girl on Friday, now. She had a hard time with her dental work and they want to keep her a couple of days to keep an eye on her.
    Originally Posted by Alagirl
    We just love to shame poor people...when in reality, we are all just peasants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megaladon View Post
    All I have to say that is to become a crazy cat lady, you have to have numbers in the double digits...*cough cough* speaking from experience LOL!
    Yay!!!!!!!!! Then I don't qualify yet. I have 7 cats. Five of them were strays that showed up at our place. One was found at the post office. One was found at a gas station. They all go in and out. Yes, some things in the house have been ruined. My husband will occasionally leave a magazine or shirt or pair of pants on the floor and get mad when a cat pees on it. I tell him that it is fair game if he leaves it on the floor!

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    Congratulations!! Yes, pictures are required!!!

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    Yay! Thank you for liberating him. 4 is just a drop in the bucket. No you need another one to have an even number again. =)
    Every mighty oak was once a nut that stood its ground.

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    Thank you for adopting an adult cat, they are so often overlooked, and yet have so much to offer! My DH's limit is 4, and even that was pushing it! So for now I bring home the occasional foster. We're on the hunt for a larger property (15 plus acres) and everyone knows you can't have a barn without barn cats!

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    My cat numbers have declined from 11 (4 indoor, 7 barn, and yes, double digits!) to 8 in the past several years. I'll admit I have a hankering. And like several of you, my thoughts have been turning toward older cats.

    Not that I wouldn't like to raise up another kitten. But the old ones I see on Petfinder just make me so sad. I worry about my indoor cats accepting an adult cat. Somehow they seem to deal with kittens more readily, which is kind of odd. You would think that adults would find kittens too rambunctious, but they seem to tolerate them quite pleasantly. My two indoor cats are 9 and 14 this year, not quite sure how that happened! I think I will just wait and see what happens, but I'm so happy to hear about the new cats on this thread, and wish you all the best!
    Arrange whatever pieces come your way. - Virginia Woolf

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    Please see my new thread - worried about new hire.
    What's wrong with you?? Your cheese done slid off its cracker?!?!

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