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    Default Tibial plateau fracture

    I am recovering from a type IV tibial plateau fracture. Injury occurred in early November .... Had an external fixator to allow for initial reduction and for swelling to go down and an internal reduction and fixation a week later (ORIF). Weight bearing as tolerated on early February. Now using one crutch most of the time but still dueling with significant swelling when weight bearing.

    Anyone here felt with this injury and gotten back to riding? What was the time frame? How us the knee doing?

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    I got one of those last summer. "unplanned dismount" while mounting and the saddle slipped and I landed on one leg, twisted and fell over. Doing really well now unless I overdo it lifting muck buckets. I think maybe yours was worse than mine, I didn't have surgery, I don't know what type IV means or what I had. It wasn't a big open fact "urgent care" didn't even see it on the x-ray but that just might mean they're incompetent.... I was on crutches for 8 weeks (way to wreck your summer). Sometimes I use the brace again when I know I'm at risk of overdoing it. Best wishes....

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    Mine will be three years this summer and it still continues to swell a little. The vibration of a vehicle will do it but I can usually walk it off. The specialist discouraged me from using knee support as it would take longer to strengthen.

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    Mine was really bad. The surgeon said I "pulverized it".
    It took me 6 months to be able to get back on.
    Mine swells and causes me a lot of pain. It has been 12 years. Sucks, actually. I hope your's is not as bad. Also, I should have had therapy and continued in it for longer.

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    Update -- one year out -- type 4 means it was a medial fracture inside of the knee -- one plate and seven screws to stabilize the more than a dozen pieces I managed to create. I am back to all normal activities except riding -- I am finding it difficult to rebuild the quad strength necessary to mount (it was my left leg). Luckily I have very little pain. My surgeon expects more recovery over the next 6 months. Thanks to those that posted -- its an unusual injury and few understand the long recovery period

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