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    Default Sacrifice paddock footing

    I know there have been several threads about this recently, but my situation is a little different.

    I have a large sacrifice around around my barn, divided into three paddocks. The two smaller paddocks off the stalls are relatively flat. The third area is graded, has a definite slope, and provides access to the barn from the paved driveway. My muck pit is also in this area.

    Currently, the entire area is bluestone. It is great when wet, as it often is in my area, but in winter is freezes solid and I don't think it is the best surface for my horses to be running around on - it is rock hard and if they were to fall it would be like falling on asphalt. I also worry about the sloped area when it is icy.

    I'm thinking of adding sand in hopes to soften up the area. Thoughts? I'm worried it would be too wet and deep if I added too much. I'm also not sure it would work well in the front area, because farrier/muck removal/hay trucks need to be able to drive on it when wet... and, not sure how the sand would work on the slope (would it all just run downhill in the rain and wash away?)

    Thanks for any input in advance! I'd like to be able to use all these areas, as my property is only a few acres.

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    Try pine pellets! Use them in the sacrifice area attached to my barn. Love.
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